Development Program

Sailing School – Juniors

Development Program

The Development Program is designed to provide a pathway for junior sailors wishing to progress from the Tackers or other learn-to-sail program level to become independent sailors able to negotiate a race course on their own at club level and beyond to State and National level.

The Development Program this season wil be split into two groups – Green & Develpoment Squad –aimed at different levels of skill and knowledge to cater for varying standards of participants.

The Green fleet or "Black Rockers" will be conducted on both Thursday afternoons after school and saturday afternoons when the conditions are typically a little more challenging with a focus on improving skills in boat handling, learning how to race and improving confidence while having fun.  Participants must be able to launch and retrieve a boat, independently sail to a sailing area and navigate around set marks without assistance in light and moderate conditions.

Sessions will consist of games and skills training, followed by mini races around short courses with coaching provided during the racing.  There will be a briefing at the beginning of the session and debrief once the session has finished.

The more confident Green group sailors will be encouraged to join the club races on Saturday afternoons where they will be supported by skilled volunteer parents who can actively coach them during the race.

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The Development Squad or "Black Rock-stars" is usually held in conjunction with club racing with a focus on learning more advanced skills in boat handling and racing in a fun environment.

Sessions will consist of skills training for approximately 90 minutes followed by short course racing on the club race course when the weather is appropriate or an alternative activity when not, at the discretion of the coach responsible. 

Regatta style coaching will be provided before and after each race.  Less experienced sailors will be coached during the racing.  There will be a briefing at the beginning of the session and debrief once the session has finished.

Sailors in this group are typically aged between 13 - 18 years of age and is open to all classes of boats. Whilst not prescriptive, the target experience required for sailors, should have completed  Tackers 3 with green fleet experience and or some understanding of basic race procedures.


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Each group in the Development Program will be conducted by a professional coach.  The success of the program relies on the support of the parents who are required to assist with tasks such as launching and retrieving the coach / rescue boats, safety tasks and the like.  Further, parents may be asked to participate in the roster for afternoon racing – a great opportunity to get out on the water and watch your young person in action!

It is expected that most participants will have their own boat. At Discretion of the coach certain participants will be able to use one of our two Racing Optimist (Fibreglass). Green fleet sailors are able to use club training Optimist. If you are looking at buying a boat and need some advice on this please contact the Office or the Training Coordinator. 

The program is conducted on each scheduled day, no matter what the weather. If the weather does not allow for on the water training, the coach will arrange some land based activities. If land based, coaching will normally finish a bit earlier, check with the coach for a time.


  • Green Fleet  - Thursdays 4:30 - 7:30 & Saturdays 1:30 - 4:30
  • Development Squad  - TBA

throughout the Club Sailing Season, refer calendar for specific dates.

cadet club membership required


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